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Development and sustainability agenda for Åland

With the understanding that nature constitutes the foundation of human existence, the Parliament of Åland and Åland Government chose to adopt a goal of total sustainable development in Åland. A network, created for all citizens, organizations, authorities and companies, established the Development and Sustainability Agenda for Åland. A true bottom-up, inside out process.

The agenda consists of one Vision and seven Strategic Development Goals for 2030. The Agenda has been adopted by the Parliament and integrated into governmental budgeting. With purposeful action in everyone’s daily life, and in the working practices of all sectors of society, we strive to realize the Vision: Everyone can flourish in a viable society on the Islands of Peace.

Åland is a society in forward momentum

Viable social development has long been a part of Åland society. Throughout the centuries, the people who have lived in the Åland archipelago have taken care of their fellow humans and the natural environment. The ambition has always been to hand over the baton to the next generation in as good condition as it was when it was received. Their efforts have, in many ways, created a fantastic welfare society. It is with good reason, therefore, that we direct thoughts of gratitude to earlier generations.

At the same time, neither local nor global society is today sustainable

With the understanding that nature constitutes the foundation of human existence, the elected members of parliament and government, in 2014, chose to adopt a collective goal of total sustainable development in Åland no later than 2051. This is in accordance with an internationally used definition of the term sustainable development, which consists of four so-called Sustainability Principles.

The collective pursuit of this goal requires a development and sustainability agenda for Åland. The agenda consists of a vision, strategic development goals for 2030, examples of possible indicators for monitoring these goals, and supporting structures for the realization of the agenda. The supporting structures are intended to help all contributors to progress from thought to action.

The agenda has been developed by hundreds of people and was manifested in the Forum for Social Development in September 2016. The process was launched through the Forum for Social Development in February 2016, when everyone living and working in Åland was invited to be part of the definition of a collective vision. From this vision seven strategic development goals have been defined, each to be fulfilled by 2030 at the latest. Fulfillment of the development goals will contribute to the realization of the vision.

In parallel with the definition of an agenda for Åland, the rest of the world has done the same. In September 2015, UN member states formally adopted the Agenda 2030 with 17 sustainable development goals for the world. The realization of the local agenda is at the same time the Åland contribution, albeit small, to the implementation of Agenda 2030.

With dedication and purposeful action in everyone’s daily life, and the thorough refinement of the working practices of operators in all sectors of society, the conditions exist to allow us, step by step, to realize the vision: 

Everyone can flourish in a viable society on the Islands of Peace


Status report

The status report is intended to be read in parallel with the “Development and Sustainability Agenda for Åland”, in which the vision and the seven strategic development goals for the year 2030 are described in detail.

The agenda describes each one of the strategic development goals in the vision’s powerful and inspiring form: in the present, as if we were already there. In this status report the equivalent texts describe the situation today, 2017, with the aid of the latest statistics that are available. In addition to the more evaluative text, the chosen indicators, with the help of statistics, make the current position more measurable and comparable. 


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