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Strategic Development Goals 2030

The Everyone Can Flourish in a Viable Society on the Islands of Peace idea is a picture of the best Åland imaginable, and hence timeless. To support our common strive towards the vision, seven strategic development goals to be fulfilled before 2030 have been defined. Accomplishing these development goals is a significant step towards realising the vision.

Goal 1 | Well-being

To flourish is about something deeper than material well-being and that everything should always be fun. Åland society has the conditions that allow people to feel happy and to thrive.

Goal 2 | Trust and participation

No lasting progress can be achieved in an environment dominated by conflict and violence. Well-founded trust and peaceful relations between people form the basis for long-term viability.

Goal 3 | Good water quality

Water is a fundamental condition for all life on this planet. In Åland there is a broad consensus on the importance of a healthy Baltic Sea, including all of its bays, deep basins and surface waters, as well as access to clean lakes for drinking water.

Goal 4 | Biological diversity

Biological diversity is a crucial foundation for the Earth’s life-supporting systems and our present and future welfare rests on this foundation. Biological diversity contributes to increased resilience in ecosystems.

Goal 5 | The power of attraction

Attractiveness requires forward progress. Another requirement is the use of the word “we” in a welcoming way: it is a “we” that is for everyone who wishes to live and work in Åland, and it is a “we” that opens the doors to the world. A high degree of attractiveness leads to viability.

Goal 6 | Significantly reduced climate impact

Åland shall be climate neutral by 2035.* The purpose is to fulfil the Paris Agreement and take responsibility for future generations. Simultaneously, new possibilities for growth and increased competitiveness are created.

*Greenhouse gas emissions decline and sequestration of carbon sinks increase so that emissions are equal to sequestration by 2035. Thereafter, sequestration continues to increase while emissions continue to decline.

Goal 7 | Sustainable consumption and production

Sustainable consumption and production is a lateral concept, which contributes to the achievement of all six of the other strategic development goals. Consumption here includes both goods and services consumed by private individuals, the public sector, businesses, and other organizations.