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Everyone can flourish – a new vision for Åland

Everyone can flourish is a way of life.

Flourishing is the continuous process of individual growth, development, and thriving. It’s an ongoing journey that asks the individual to find comfort in themselves and create positive habits that enhances well-being. It’s an open “everyone can flourish” that also encompasses people outside of Åland and other living beings. You determine your own flourishing and promote our common flourishing.

To flourish implies satisfaction with who you are and what you have right now, without losing desire and longing for something more. To flourish implies momentarily opening up for grief and pain, to be vulnerable and weak. And to dare to release a combination of masculinity and femininity, while helping others who do not feel well at the moment. To flourish also implies a desire to learn, face challenges and embrace failure as an opportunity.

As a flourishing person you learn to recognise and accept your own colours, cycles, and feelings. You trust your own inner voice. Through flourishing you also learn to truly know others. You recognise that you’re a part of nature and care for what is common. Meanwhile you respect what differentiates people from each other. By flourishing you practice self-care, you find more meaning with the things you do and your way of listening leads to positive relationships.