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The Vision


We who live in the Åland archipelago have always taken care of our fellow humans and our unique environment. It is a part of our legacy and something we are proud of. Today, even our society is on the brink of fundamental change and difficult challenges. Still, we realize that together, we have the means of overcoming these challenges and enable the flourishing of everyone in our society.

In 2014 the parliament of Åland decided unanimously to develop the Åland society within the boundaries of sustainability no later than 2051. To support the implementation of the decision and the realization of the development and sustainability agenda for Åland the network bä was created. The network contributes with longevity, anchorage, and vitality for the common development and sustainability work.

The Everyone Can Flourish Idea

The collective pursuit of a sustainable and viable society requires a development and sustainability agenda for Åland. The agenda consists of a vision, strategic development goals for 2030, examples of possible indicators for monitoring these goals, and supporting structures for the realisation of the agenda. The supporting structures are intended to help all contributors to progress from thought to action.

For Åland, the vision is summarized with the sentence “Everyone Can Flourish in a Viable Society on the Islands of Peace". The vision is a uniting force which inspires and creates forward momentum in our society. The realisation of the Everyone Can Flourish vision is a society no one have yet to experience.

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