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Seven Strategic Development Goals 2030

Realizing the Vision

The Everyone Can Flourish in a Viable Society on the Islands of Peace idea is a picture of the best Åland imaginable, and hence timeless. To support our common strive towards the vision, seven strategic development goals to be fulfilled before 2030 have been defined. Accomplishing these development goals is a significant step towards realizing the vision.

These are our Seven Development Goals

Goal 1: Prosperous people with increasing inner resources.

Goal 2: Everybody feel trust and have real possibilities for participation in society.

Goal 3: All water is of good quality.

Goal 4: Ecosystems in balance and biodiversity.

Goal 5: Attractiveness for living, visiting, and business.

Goal 6: Significant higher share of energy from renewable sources and increased energy efficacy.

Goal 7: Sustainable and responsible consumption and production.

Här kan du lyssna på visionen:

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